31 Days / 31 Ways: Day 29 – Food Swaps

31 Days / 31 Ways: Day 29 – Food Swaps

Looking for a simple New Year’s resolution you can actually keep?

We know that sweeping changes can be overwhelming and hard to stick to. Instead of over-committing and experiencing the inevitable let-down this year, join us for 31 days of simple ways to improve your health, happiness, and stress level. Going Beyond the Pink is thrilled to share this 31 Days / 31 Ways Challenge with you. Follow along here each day, or check out our Facebook challenge group for added support. We’ll be sharing 31 simple ways you can be happier, healthier, and less-stressed this year.

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Day 29: Food Swap

Image result for food swapsSometimes we grow so accustomed to eating the same foods, we forget that there are often more healthful (and just as satisfying!) alternatives.

Today, we’re sharing lots of food swaps, and we hope you’ll share your ideas too! We hope you find these swaps appealing, lower in calories, and swapped for healthier, more digestible fats and other nutrients.

If you normally eat Swap it with
Sour Cream Plain Greek Yogurt
Fruit Juice Fruit Infused Water
Pasta (even lasagna noodles!) Spiralized or thinly sliced zucchini noodles
Mashed Potatoes Mashed Cauliflower
Tortillas, bread, buns Sturdy greens, like lettuce, cabbage, kale or chard
Table Salt Himalayan Pink Salt
Hash Browns Spaghetti Squash
Mayo Mashed Avocado
Butter (in baking) Applesauce
White Rice Brown or Cauliflower Rice
Fruity Candies Frozen Grapes
Milk Chocolate Dark Chocolate
Bagel Sprouted Grain Toast


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