Traditional, alternative, and supplemental wellness and survivorship curriculum, includes mini-lectures, panel discussions, demonstrations, and hands-on activities.


Thrive is an educational program that examines traditional, alternative, and supplemental wellness and survivorship knowledge and techniques to provide our breast cancer community with a well-rounded resource for information.

Workshops consist of mini-lectures, panel discussions, demonstrations, and hands-on activities.

Thrive’s complete curriculum offers wellness opportunities for mind, body, and spirit care.

Sign up and bring a friend, caretaker, or loved one! Childcare happily provided by our staff on an as needed basis (please give us notice so we can prepare).

Get Moving!

A personal trainer with experience in training breast cancer survivors presents on physical activity and physical training that accommodates for limitations caused by surgery. The trainer will discuss the importance of physical activity for cancer survivors and their caretakers, and teach a routine we can do at home without the need for any special equipment. Please dress comfortably and wear appropriate footwear.

Physical Therapy for Cancer Care

A trained physical therapist will explain post-surgical cording and lymphedema, and provide useful strategies and instruction for identifying these issues in your own body, home care, identifying when it’s time to see a physical therapist, and what to expect from physical therapy visits.

Pain Management

This workshop reveals some of the most common pain management issues related to cancer survivorship, like post-surgical pain and neuropathy, and discusses a variety of approaches to help manage and alleviate pain.


A mental health professional discusses the benefits of counseling and support groups, helping us identify when we should seek help. She also discusses some of the common feelings and mental health obstacles cancer survivors and their loved-ones face.

Mindfulness Workshop

Want to get centered and feel more at peace? A Mindfulness expert explains this therapeutic technique and mindset that helps us to focus on our awareness of the present moment. The class will be guided through techniques we can use to incorporate more mindfulness in our daily lives.

Yoga Basics

Always wanted to learn more about Yoga and try it out in an environment where everyone is new and you can ask questions? This workshop is for you! Learn the benefits and basic movements of Yoga without feeling out-of-place.

Supplemental Nutrition

The world of vitamins and supplements can be a confusing and overwhelming place. This workshop will help you navigate the potential benefits and pitfalls of some of the most common nutritional supplements in the cancer care and prevention world.

Essential Oils

Powerful, natural oils have been used in mind and body care for centuries by many civilizations. This is an informative workshop that does not focus on any particular brand of oils. If you are interested in trying out some essential oils, learning more about their uses and benefits, and finding out what oils to use for specific needs, then this is the workshop for you! Join us.


This therapeutic technique has been used for centuries to address a variety of health and wellness needs, but is still shrouded in mystery for lots of us. Come to this workshop to learn about the potential benefits and uses of acupuncture in cancer care and survivorship.


This workshop focuses on the importance of balanced nutrition to cancer care and survivorship. We’ll examine how to enjoy your favorite foods in moderation, while increasing nutrient-dense foods in your diet. We’ll discuss helpful strategies, menu planning, and share recipes for healthful, delicious foods your family will enjoy.

Gratitude Journaling

Studies repeatedly show that the act of giving thanks provides social, physical, and psychological health benefits, and that the activity of gratitude journaling (writing down what we are thankful for) can lead to better sleep quality, fewer symptoms of illness, and more happiness for adults and children. This workshop offers you techniques and writing prompts to get you started.

Wellness Fads: Best or Bust?

Are you always hearing about the latest nutritional or lifestyle fad? Ever wonder what they’re all about or if they are right for you? This workshop considers some of the most recent fads, examining their potential benefits and risks.


Clinical studies have shown that many varieties of massage can help reduce stress, fatigue, nausea, pain, and depression in cancer patients and survivors. Benefits of massage therapy include improvements to relaxation, sleep, and immune function. This is a partner workshop. Bring a buddy (caretaker or loved one), and learn massage techniques from local professionals that will aid your overall wellbeing. This workshop includes demonstration and hand-on time.

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